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Storksak Gigi Diaper Bag Review

Storksak, has become a household name for babies with star status since Angelina Jolie was captured on camera with the Storksak Gigi diaper bag in Paris, Namibia and around the world. Other famous moms like Liv Tyler, Kate Winslet, Gwyneth Paltrow and Julia Roberts have fallen in love with the made and functional fashion designs of this UK company. The chocolate flavored version is also known as the Angelina Jolie baby bag. Let’s take a look at what has attracted these famous moms and beautiful dad, Brad Pitt, to prefer these baby bags.

Advantages of the Storksak Gigi diaper bag

  1. The look. There is not a mother in the world who is unaware of her appearance. Today’s moms are expected to keep up with business while breastfeeding the baby, and somehow a Chanel suit paired with a ruffled distressed blue and pink cloth bag with dangling diapers doesn’t match. Neither would the Louis Vuitton bag and Coach laptop bag that our fashion-conscious mom also wears. Angelina Jolie’s baby bag bridges the gap for diaper changes and boardroom presentations.
  2. The price. This is a high-quality bag with an affordable price, especially compared to some designer diaper bags in the thousands of dollars that work just as well and may not be as attractive. This trendy diaper bag lets mom carry her laptop, purse, and baby’s necessities for a great value.
  3. The function. Angelina Jolie’s baby bag should be efficient and organized to take care of all the business of an independent mom constantly on the go. The bag is fully zippered so you don’t have to worry about losing wipes, pacifier, or anything else. The comfortable and durable straps adjust for easy portability, and it’s large enough to hold a laptop, extra diapers, and all of your mom’s and baby’s daily necessities.
  4. The versatility. The Storksak Gigi Diaper Bag was made for versatility. The interior partition organizer removes so you can place larger items like toys or a laptop inside. Interior pockets leave space for snacks, your own purse, or any other items like cell phone, baby wipes, and diapers for easy access. A removable insulated thermo bottle is a must-have for Angelina Jolie’s baby bag during the time Mom can be out of the kitchen to provide warm nourishment for the baby.

Cons of the Storksak Gigi diaper bag

  1. Angelina Jolie’s baby bag does not become a hitch on the handles of a stroller. This is a great feature for moms who spend all day in the stroller to take the weight off of them.
  2. The zippered top is great for storing everything inside, but if you have no hands and have to reach for a washcloth or anything else, use both hands just to open the bag and still balance baby and everything else that’s going on it may not be convenient. .

Final evaluation

The Storksak Chocolate Gigi Diaper Bag is one of the best purchases mothers and fathers can make. Versatile, trendy, mid-priced, durable, and easy to wash, it’s easy to understand why it has achieved celebrity status.

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