Le premier hôtel dans l'espace est prévu pour 2027: à quoi pourrait-il ressembler?

The first hotel in space is scheduled for 2027: what could it look like?

While many dream of returning to a “normal” life, others think beyond. The Orbital Assembly Corporation, a space construction company, intends to deliver its space hotel to its client, The Gateway Foundation, on time. The works are scheduled for 2026 and this establishment called “Voyager Station” should open its doors to customers in 2027. “We are trying to make the public understand that this golden age of space travel is fast approaching”, explains its director. , John Blincow, at CNN.

For those who find it hard to imagine what a space hotel can look like, the company’s chief interior designer, Tim Alatorre, shared a few details with the American chain. If the exterior looks like a Ferris wheel, made up of 24 modules, the interior should not stray too far from that of the luxury hotels that can be seen on earth. He says he took the director Stanley Kubrick and his film: 2001, a space odyssey, as a model … not to be imitated. “I think Stanley Kubrick’s goal was to highlight the divide between technology and humanity and so on purpose he made the stations and ships very sterile, clean and extraterrestrial,” he reasoned to of our American colleagues. According to the first modeled images, the common areas and bedrooms will be much warmer and more luxurious than in the director’s vision.

The hotel still intends to pull out of the game from this unique location. The entire circular space building will perform a continuous rotational movement to simulate gravity. Travelers will be able to play astronauts and taste food that is also “typical of space,” or, as CNN says, enjoy activities that “highlight the fact that you are able to do things that you can do. you cannot do on Earth “.

The prices for enjoying this experience are not known, although it can be predicted that they will be very high. The company hopes, however, that one day they will reach that of “a cruise or a trip to Disneyland”.

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