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The giant Saryazd fortress

The giant SARYAZD fortress is one of the most striking and incredible fortresses. It has many distinctive features both historically and architecturally, as it is unique among the many fortresses scattered throughout the central desert of Iran.

The fortress, which remained in a state of inattention and darkness for a long time, is located next to a town called with the same name in the district of Mehriz, near the city of Yazd. It is known to be the only three-story fortress in Yazd province that still stands.

Saryazd Fortress is built three stories high with a small hidden entrance for each story designed in such a way that it makes it difficult, if not impossible, for medieval soldiers from invading armies to penetrate inside the fortress. The fortress structure consists of two separate cores, each surrounded by its own set of massive walls. This fort was built and rebuilt over several decades and centuries. Its inner core, dating back to the Sassanid era around 1800 years ago, is considered the bastion of the overall structure that was designed to protect the patriotic and pious inhabitants of Saryazd village during invasions. At one time it served as the Zoroastrian’s last line of defense against invading armies some 1400 years ago.

The outer core was built later during the Safavid era with the intention of providing security for the local inhabitants. It also provided a sufficient number of stables for the protection of cattle against the common banditry rampant at the time.

The entire site is surrounded by a trench over 5 meters deep that can only be accessed via a wooden bridge directly in front of the front door. The fortress is also special for having a rare gate with rails with giant patches of iron, rammed into it, preventing it from catching fire.

The dark-roofed alleys of the fortress are built narrow enough to allow only one man to pass through at a time. It didn’t take long for an invader to find himself like a mouse trapped in a dark maze, while all the other alleys led to a square-shaped checkpoint. Here, dozens of warriors and swordsmen with their backs against the sunlight would ambush to attack the intruder. However, while the men and young children fought in the alleys, the women, children, and the elderly were kept in secure rooms on the upper floors.

The people of Saryazd are famous for their patriotism and bravery. They have repeatedly resisted against various invaders and fought to the last drop of their blood online to defend their dignity since time immemorial.

For centuries, these patriots migrated to other parts of the country. Many ended up living in the nearby city of Yazd. Today, when we hear them speak, we notice how proud they are of their role in the history of their homeland.

So here is the Saryazd fortress, “The gateway to Yazd.”

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