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The highlights and lowlights of “Turbo Fire” user reviews

The highlights and lowlights of “Turbo Fire” user reviews

Beachbody’s “Turbo Fire” featuring Chalene Johnson, is a high-intensity cardio workout with numerous dance songs. The program has achieved strong market share among women. The workout forgoes the idea of ​​slow and moderate, and replaces it with fast and hard with short breaks and then back up.

The exercise science principle behind this approach is known as high-intensity interval training (HIIT). The use of HIIT is gaining popularity in many group workouts at local gyms. You also see him appear more and more often at home workouts.

I think HIIT is great, but it has to be done under proper supervision. Go too hard and you risk injury. Go too slow and you’re not really accomplishing anything. As I’ve learned through a long trial-and-error odyssey with fitness, you have to be winning or you’ll give up. The “work” is almost never taken out of exercise, so you better see the results.

Regarding “Turbo Fire”, the big positives are that you can engage in beneficial HIIT training with a very skilled and high energy trainer. If you hold out there, you can’t help but lose pounds and re-sculpt yourself. In my opinion, this program represents the masterpiece of Chalene Johnson’s training programs. The folks at Amazon.com largely agree that the show received an astonishing average of 4 stars out of 5 from a sample size of almost 150 reviews.

The downsides to “Turbo Fire” are the extreme, high-impact nature of the individual workouts. They are relentless and it’s easy to imagine someone being left behind early and never feeling like they belong. If there’s one thing that can undo a program that achieves good results for the user, it’s not giving the new user a sense of community. In the case of “Turbo Fire,” it’s possible for it to happen that way through no fault of Chalene Johnson. The program is hard. He has tricky dance moves that some say are hard to pick up and follow.

I think a person who is busy and does a good amount of exercise at home should always have a high intensity cardio program like this or Insanity, also from Beachbody. We just need to open the throttle from time to time. More importantly, we must do it under controlled circumstances with very good instructions so that we are safe. In the area of ​​performance and safety, “Turbo Fire” is a very good program for just about anyone who isn’t afraid to start fighting.

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