The Porsche Cayenne Wide Track with Widebody and COR wheels

In the luxury SUV market; There are quite a few models that offer a great deal of luxury with smooth leather, a comfortable ride, and advanced technology. But there aren’t many luxury SUVs that place an emphasis on sport and the overall driving experience. Porsche is one of the few automakers to make a luxury SUV that built on its sports car heritage to design an SUV that was capable of offering drivers a sporty and athletic ride while providing a host of features. deluxe. A British design company wanted to take these features to the next level by installing a new widebody kit and fitting new COR wheels, while outfitting the interior with a host of luxury amenities to make the driving experience even more rewarding. .

The new widebody exterior kit for the Porsche Cayenne begins at the front of the SUV, where new logos are used on the front bumper and new LED daytime running lights face forward. New air vents are integrated into the bumper to help cool the engine and brake system. The most notable aspect of the Cayenne SUV is the extended front and rear wheel arches that expand the overall stance, especially when paired with the larger COR wheels that were also installed. Each side of the SUV wears a new badge, tinted privacy glass, LED welcome lighting under the sills, and black door handles to contrast the exterior color, while the rear was finished with a new spoiler for improved downforce. .

But that wasn’t all the British design company wanted to do with the exterior of the Porsche Cayenne. To give the SUV an even sportier look, they installed a new set of sport lowering springs and painted the brake calipers in gold to stand out behind the new COR wheels. The factory exhaust was also removed and replaced by a new stainless steel system with more pronounced tailpipes. The finishing touch for the sportier exterior look was a COR wheel set in a three-piece construction made from forged aluminum alloy measuring 10.5 x 22 on the front and rear axle to fill the extended fenders.

Then the Porsche Cayenne received a special interior touch that adds a great deal of luxury. The British design company equipped the front and rear seats with perforated black Nappa leather with contrast stitching in a quilted design. The same leather pattern and stitching was applied to the center armrest, door panels, and glove compartment, while the dash and door parts were finished in alcantara. The driver benefits from sportier red gauges, vented aluminum floor pedals, and soft velvet floor mats.

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