The power of pranic healing

The power of pranic healing

Within each and every one of us there is not only a physical body, but also an energetic one, known as an aura. Within the aura are spinning vortices called chakras that absorb prana (or energy) into the body. It is the energy system that directs and regulates energy around your body and to your vital organs and is therefore responsible for your overall health and vitality. When your energy system becomes tired and congested, your physical and mental health begin to suffer, so keeping it balanced is vitally important.

Pranic healing is a powerful technique that uses prana (energy) in the air and earth to clear congestion in your energy system and then to revitalize it as well. Pranic healing is based on the assumption that the body is a self-healing entity and, given the right conditions, is capable of healing itself. Pranic healing helps create the ideal conditions in your body by clearing congestion and energy blockages and then replacing them with vital new prana.

Pranic Healing was developed by Master Choa Kok Sui and is the result of more than 20 years of his research. It is a non-contact healing modality, making it a very non-invasive and relaxing technique. The therapist channels the prana of the earth, air and sun through their own chakras and then directs it to the client with the use of their hand chakras. None of the therapists’ own energies are used during the healing, simply channeling new prana back to the client. There is a strong emphasis in pranic healing on clearing the chakras and aura to release congested energy before replacing it with new prana. Your therapist will scan your body and energy systems to determine where blockages may be and then apply cleansing and energizing techniques.

During a pranic healing treatment, you will be asked to lie fully clothed on the treatment table or alternatively sit in an upright chair. You will be asked to remove your shoes and possibly your belt if you are wearing one. You will then simply be asked to relax while your therapist performs your healing.

Depending on how sensitive you are to energy, you may feel hot or cold in patches, tingling sensations, pricks and needs or even nothing at all during your healing. Sometimes you can feel a movement of energy around your body. All of these results are completely normal and do not indicate whether your cure is “working” or not. In some cases, your therapist may also place crystals on or around your body or ask you to hold crystal wands in your palms to aid the cleansing and energizing process. After your healing, you can expect to feel relaxed and calm, as well as more energetic. The energy will continue to move for a few days after your healing, so by around the second day you should feel much brighter and more centered. For this reason too, it is advisable not to shower or bathe for at least 12 hours after healing. This allows the energy to continue to cleanse, disperse and re-energize without interruption.

Depending on whether emotional blocks have also been released during the healing, you may be feeling a bit more sensitive than usual and need to be kind to yourself. This feeling will pass after a couple of days and it is a very powerful healing opportunity for you, so take the time to heal and recover from this emotional block. You may find it helpful to write about your feelings and experiences in your journal during these days. If you have any concerns about your healing process, please call your therapist and they will be happy to discuss everything with you.

Pranic healing should never replace orthodox medical treatments, as it is designed to complement, not replace, them. However, it can aid recovery and assist in pain management from physical ailments such as headache, toothache, earache, sore throat, cough, fever, stomach ache, sore muscles, sore throat, back, skin ailments and menstrual pain. Pranic healing can also be helpful when dealing with addictions, obsessions, stress, anxiety, grievances, and phobias. It can also help both before and after the operation to improve healing and faster recovery times.

Pranic healing is a powerful yet simple technique that cleanses, balances and aligns your aura and chakras allowing you to stay in the best possible health for yourself. Regular treatments are recommended to keep your energy flowing freely and well balanced. During times of stress or illness, you may need to receive your treatments more frequently and then reduce the amount again when your life returns to a more balanced state.

Pranic healing can only be taught by licensed teachers, and all teachings are regulated throughout the world, which means that the technique is always learned in the same way. To ensure that your therapist is authentically trained, you can ask to see their certificates. A qualified therapist will be happy to show them to you.

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