Top 10 des destinations proches de chez nous qui feront 2020

Top 10 destinations near us that will make 2020

Some lesser-known countries will be to discover this year.

January is almost behind us and it’s time to think about planning your next vacation. As every year, the lists of preferred destinations of certain operators are multiplying and Ryanair is no exception to the rule. From its 241 destinations, the Travel Trends team has selected the most popular cities for the coming year. In its projections, we find countries that are still little known, such as Georgia, Lithuania and Armenia.

On the first place of the podium is the Portuguese city of Ponta Delgada, the capital of the Azores, located on the island São Miguel. The capital of Armenia, Yerevan, affectionately known as “the pink city” took second place, while Galway in the west of Ireland – European Capital of Culture 2020 – takes third place in the list destinations to discover in 2020 according to the low cost airline.

Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal

Yerevan, in the center of Armenia

Galway, West of Ireland

Santander, on the northern coast of Spain

Palanga, on the west coast of Lithuania

Verona, at the foot of the Alps, in Italy

Tbilisi, east of Georgia

Beirut, in central Lebanon

Marseille, in the south of France

Tel Aviv, on the coast, in central Israel

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