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Wedding – Aruba Honeymoon Tips

Wedding – Aruba Honeymoon Tips

This romantic island, 15 miles off the coast of Venezuela and a four-hour flight from New York City, ranks as one of the best places for honeymoons. And that’s not all that makes Aruba such a hot (and dry) destination; The country records an average temperature of 82 degrees year-round, and things get even hotter when the sun goes down and the 11 casinos and nightclub gear up.

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Where to settle? Aruba has a variety of hotels to fit different budgets. some partake in the One Cool wedding coding, which presents a candy envelope to the newlyweds with an open container of plums, a discounted car charge, an open reel of haze, and more.

Accommodation appeal taking into account the embrace:

Hyatt Regency Aruba Coastal Option & Nightclub: Mega-resort with nightclub and waterslide, right on the shoreline.

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Bucuti Coastal Option – A low-origin luxury eco-friendly option located on one of the most open coastlines in the Caribbean.

Coastal Divi Aruba and Coastal Tamarijn Aruba Options: All-inclusive with gorgeous seaside locations, right next to Alhambra nightclub.

Sculpted by the trade winds, the outstretched arms of Aruba’s divi-divi foliage offer newlyweds.

The delicious thing about visiting an island is that you can explore Aruba for

Stspool along the island’s seven miles of colorless shorelines, some of the loveliest anywhere, and explore the quiet coves that dot its shoreline.

On foot, horseback, or mountain bike, meander winding, underground paths through the foothills to Yamanota, the island’s highlight. Other beautiful landscapes include Playa de Palmeras, the impressive formations of Ayo and Casibari, the coves of Andicuri and the Spanish grouper.

A tour on a schooner boat that has visibility up to 50 feet begins to expose mysteries beneath the shimmering turquoise waters. Divers and divers on the California and Antilla wrecks on the island get an even closer look.

The Aruba Historical Museum, the gold-grained ruins of Bushiribana and Balashi, and the Indian petroglyphs will fool those with an appeal to the ancient. Golfers may want to test their skills at Tierra del Sol, the island’s 18-hole golf course.

Shoppers can find indigenous crafts, well-made cargo from neighboring South American countries, and international stocks in Oranjestad and at the Alhambra Shopping fair, Midtown Mall, and Docks Marketplace.

Aruba has more than 100 restaurants and a variety of cuisines ranging from French to Japanese, to Mediterranean and native island dishes. Grooms with nice teeth can end a meal with kesio (Aruban flan) or take home a few pieces of cocada, a candy made from coconuts.

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Do you want to get married in Aruba? Look at this

# Aruba Marriage License Laws: Waiting Period: All documents must be submitted at least one month prior (by courier) to your desired wedding date

# Apostilled documentation from the country of citizenship verifying that neither party is currently married

# Civil marriages are performed in the hall of the historic City Hall building in downtown Oranjestad

# If you are staying at a resort, check with the manager or wedding coordinator to help you make arrangements for your marriage license.

# Aruba Marriage License Fee: US$80 during the week; US $200 Saturdays, holidays or outside office hours

# Marriage Brochure (certificate) US$20.00 or US$32.00 (price difference is based on the better quality of a brochure)

# Identification required for an Aruban marriage license: copies of birth certificates with raised seal

# Proof of divorce or death certificate

# You must have a valid passport and submit copies of the pages showing relevant details

# Copies of witnesses’ passport pages

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