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iphone pro max 15 case wholesale supplier

iphone pro max 15 case wholesale

If you want to protect your iPhone Pro Max 15 without covering up the color you chose when you bought it, consider this simple, rigid case. It promises 4 feet of drop protection and works with MagSafe charging. This grippy case comes in a range of tough camo or floral patterns, with a detachable wraparound cover for additional protection. It offers a claimed 16-foot drop protection and magnetically holds the phone in place for more stability.

Apple introduced the FineWoven case line at its Wonderlust event as a more sustainable alternative to leather cases. The company claimed the new cases could even save you money by helping you go green. Unfortunately, the cases have started shipping out and are already receiving some pretty bad reviews. In particular, people are complaining that the cases scratch easily and collect dust.

Moreover, the material looks worn out after only a few uses and is hard to clean. It also picks up dog hair and has a terrible odor. Some users on Reddit have even chosen to return the cases. While Apple’s decision to replace leather with a fabric is commendable, it doesn’t seem like the new FineWoven cases are worth the price. The Macalope suspects that most users will end up going back to a third-party or iphone pro max 15 case wholesale supplier.

iphone pro max 15 case wholesale supplier

Designed to complement iPhone 15 Pro, this case is made with FineWoven, a new fabric that’s durable and soft with a suede-like feel. It’s also environmentally conscious, with 68 percent post-consumer recycled content and reduced carbon emissions compared to leather. It quickly snaps into place and protects your iPhone without adding bulk.

FineWoven is a new material that Apple is using on cases, AirTag holders, and MagSafe wallets. It’s supposedly a premium and eco-friendly replacement for leather, but early reviews haven’t been great. The Verge’s Nirey Bader, for example, found that the case he received “showed clear signs of wear and tear right out of the box” and has already scratched easily with fingernails.

It’s easy to feel let down by FineWoven, especially considering that it cost almost twice as much as the old leather option. But it’s also important to remember that ethical alternatives generally involve sacrifice. Just like vegan bacon doesn’t taste as good as the real thing, so does being green.

When Apple ditched its leather cases and replaced them with a new FineWoven material, outrage quickly spread across the internet. From forum posts describing permanent scratches to cases that were difficult to slide in and out of pockets, the reaction was universally negative. The case is a soft, flexible material that has the look of leather but feels like plastic. It covers the back of the phone and has plastic sides that mimic its texture. The side edges are also slightly curved, offering more grip without adding any bulk to the case.

Its biggest problem, however, is that the fabric shows dents and scratches very easily. Even a light finger swipe against the back can leave an indent. It is also prone to snags and lint, which stick to the surface and don’t brush off easily. This is a problem that could be solved by buying a case with an open bottom or one of Apple’s silicone or clear cases.

Like Apple’s silicone cases, FineWoven is designed to be durable and protect iPhone. However, the case’s materials may show wear over time, and interaction with MagSafe accessories can leave slight imprints. The case also weighs a bit more than the average MagSafe leather case.

While the idea of a sustainable material for a phone case is great, I’m not sure it’s worth the hefty price tag that comes with this type of accessory. Unlike leather, which would develop a beautiful patina over time, FineWoven is going to look scuffed and scratched up after just a few uses.

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Apple’s intention to replace its leather accessories with the more sustainable FineWoven line is laudable, and I applaud the company for taking a step toward carbon neutrality. But I wish it wasn’t necessary to pay $59 for a case that will look like crap in just days. Especially considering the amount of time and money spent making it.

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