Comersa is the ideal display refrigerator for sushi

Many people enjoy oriental cuisine, although it is an acquired taste. Once that flavor is acquired, it is a flavor and a gastronomic experience that people savor and enjoy. For restaurant owners serving sushi, this is good news. However, it also comes with a lot of responsibility in terms of the quality of the fish and how it is stored. If not stored properly, it can have damaging consequences for the restaurant owner and the customer.

Modern technology has allowed restaurant owners to have better control over the storage of sushi products. First of all, sushi is essentially made from raw fish (the type of fish used will depend on the individual chef’s recipe). Any type of raw fish must be handled correctly to avoid any type of contamination. Raw fish should be stored in a refrigeration unit immediately upon arrival at the restaurant and should be served the same day. It is essential that sushi is served fresh as this enhances its flavor and is much healthier. Keeping sushi for too long can affect the quality of the fish, which can lead to health problems. Proper catering equipment is essential for proper storage of raw fish. Once the chef has prepared the sushi rolls and it is ready to serve, the best thing to do is to lay it out so that it sells quickly. People eat with their eyes. When they see the well presented sushi rolls and the beautiful colors of the variety on display, it will entice them to buy some sushi rolls.

The ideal catering equipment for this purpose is a Comersa cold food bar. This is a unique display refrigerator that is designed to accommodate a variety of dishes in one unit. The Comersa Cold Bar has a modern steel design with a convex display glass and keeps contents adequately cold. It measures 1880 x 417 x 246 millimeters, which is long enough to add a variety of sushi rolls and other foods, but narrow enough to fit comfortably on a restaurant kitchen countertop. The best place to install Comersa Cold Food Bar to display sushi is near your customers, that is, in the restaurant near the bar and the cash register. In this position, you will get the customer’s attention. In addition, the Comersa cold food bar is supplied with specially sized inserts that are specifically designed to fit the food bars. There are 6 to 8 inserts (depending on which model you choose) to display a variety of sushi.

This catering equipment It is the ideal display refrigerator for sushi bars who want their customers to have a pleasant and delicious restaurant experience.

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