Cinq bonnes raisons de vous laisser tenter par les sports d’hiver

Five good reasons to let yourself be tempted by winter sports

Are the mountains and skiing above all synonymous with cold for you? Does the “Grand Blanc” put you off more than it attracts you? Here is something to reconsider your prejudices.

In winter, do you think more of finding a good travel plan for a hot and sunny destination rather than being tempted by a stay in the mountains? Well you might be wrong. Here are five good reasons not to shun winter sports …

1. First of all, the mountain under the snow is the time to reunite and share with family and friends. Hitting the slopes is the perfect opportunity to spend time with children, parents and grandparents together, or with your best escape companions according to your desires and your situation. After skiing is still an opportunity to extend these moments of conviviality, either by meeting with your loved ones around a furnished table in a cozy chalet, or during a trip to an atmospheric altitude bar. always special. As you will have understood, snow holidays encourage people to spend full and often unforgettable days as close as possible to those whom we regret not seeing enough during the year.

2. Skiing means nothing to you, so winter sports are not for you. Again, think again. Ever more varied activities allow you to enjoy the splendid surroundings offered by the mountain. Sportingly, if that is what you are looking for, by sledding, snowshoeing, dog sledding, mountaineering, fat biking or even paragliding. On the other hand, if you prefer to take care of yourself and relax while enjoying grandiose landscapes, there is no shortage of well-being experiences. Now, in most resorts, thermal centers and spas, body treatments and balneotherapy are highly developed.

3. Are you concerned about your shape or, at the very least, your figure? Skiing, whether downhill or cross-country, snowboarding and more generally outdoor mountain activities, are great ways to keep you on top. In fact, in addition to calling on all the muscles of the body, these activities help to work on balance, endurance and improve cardiovascular capacity. In addition, nothing more than a descent “all schuss” or, better still, a rise in ski touring, allows to burn so many calories in such a short time, all amplified by the action of the cold. invigorating. A good point for the following asset …

4. Gastronomy in the mountains is a must for winter pleasures. Many local products and culinary specialties make the reputation of the mountainous regions: cheeses, cold meats and Savoy wines, diots, tartiflette, raclette, stuffing, tourtons, or even Savoy cake and Alpine tart, so many flavors that delight everyone. taste buds!

5. Finally, and this is perhaps the essential point, a mountain holiday in winter is the guarantee of truly letting go, clearing your head, disconnecting from the infernal rhythm of everyday life and refueling. energy. For that, nothing like the great outdoors, the silence of the immaculate peaks, the purity of the air and the snow, the magic of the landscapes which soothe and invigorate.

CGH, standing in the heart of the Alps

Are you convinced? If so, it remains for you to decide where to go to fully enjoy the pleasures of altitude this winter. CGH Résidences offers the rental of luxury apartments in the heart of the most beautiful resorts in the French Alps.

The CGH residences are located at the foot of the slopes of the largest and most beautiful ski areas in Haute-Savoie, Savoie, Isère and Hautes-Alpes. These spaces are France’s international reputation for winter sports.

In CGH accommodation, the spaces are generous, for 2 to 12 people in apartments, 10 to 14 people in chalets. They all have one thing in common: excellence in terms of comfort, decoration, equipment and services. Each of their hotel establishments offers a unique atmosphere, carried by the noble materials of the mountain: wood, granite, slate and metal. This contemporary design blended with the authenticity of Alpine know-how gives holidaymakers the feeling of having lived an unforgettable stay.

The CGH teams also know how to advise their guests on the activities likely to suit them best: sensations, initiation, relaxation or leisure, the choice is wide! Added to this is free access to the indoor swimming pool, whirlpool bath, sauna, hammam and cardio-training room, not to mention the treatment and well-being center, the altitude Spa “Ô des Cimes ”.

Do not hesitate any longer: mountain holidays are for you.

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