Kompany: «Je ne crois pas que ce sera le dernier match de Deschacht à Anderlecht»

Kompany: “I don’t think this will be Deschacht’s last match at Anderlecht”

On the occasion of his press conference to preface the arrival of Zulte Waregem this Sunday at Lotto Park (6.15 p.m.), Vincent Kompany particularly insisted on the need to feed on the disappointment of last Sunday against Genk to bounce back and hang on this top 4. Incidentally, he did not raise the question mark around the presence of Cobbaut, victim of a direct hit.

En consistency with his speech since he took on the role of T1 at Sporting, Vincent Kompany does not want to give an exaggerated dimension to the penultimate home meeting of the classic phase for the Mauves before a strong end of the program . “A date for life, for death this Sunday?” In fact, I think it has been for 11 games. I can’t predict what will happen in the last four meetings. We play at home, against a team from Zulte who is also good. The main aspect is to win to put the most chances on our side by going forward, by playing offensive. We have already known all the scenarios at home where we try to make the difference against this kind of teams and, historically, we have had difficulties. It will still be necessary to concentrate on this aspect. Symbol of this season, Zulte Waregem has experienced difficult times but has known calm which allowed him to bounce back. Players have also managed to make a difference at the right time. “

In the race for Europe, Anderlecht lost a huge advantage last Sunday against Racing Genk. “We are already Friday and the next game is here. The disappointment was heavy after an important game of the season. I’ve told my players, that’s the kind of feeling I want to exploit. I have only one goal: to reach the Playoffs to play again against Genk, this team that beat us that day. There is nothing personal towards them, it is my mentality: wanting to go and recover what we have lost … even if we will not resume this Cup this season. I want this to serve as motivation. It’s strange to say but you learn more from this type of moment than from a victory without playing well, which leaves you feeling a bit in between. “

Besides the injured known as Delcroix or Van Crombrugge, he did not hide some uncertainties in this nucleus. “There are small sores. For example, we may have to wait until the last minute – or at least not until tomorrow – for Cobbaut (direct hit). There is also a patient, it’s up to you to find out (laughs). “

The question of Adrien Trebel’s status also came up in the conversation. “Within the core, I don’t think in terms of titular and non-titular. Everyone gets their chance, I try to give the players the opportunity to express themselves. and it’s up to the players to provide the answers on the pitch. Adrien is fit because there is always a need for a little time between the moment you return to the group and when you are at 100%. It’s up to me to decide when I have several solutions to compose my team. Compared to other teams, Adri is also one of the few who has this element of experience. Despite a winter transfer window without money, thanks to scouting, we have managed to form a nucleus with multiple solutions and we want to prove that we do not necessarily have to have the means in Bruges to be efficient. As a coach, I want to try to keep what works (for example, we have the second best defense with a young team) and bring that offensive aspect to it. “

In terms of experience, Zulte Waregem has plenty to spare, especially with Olivier Deschacht, who does not yet know if he will continue his career. “I certainly don’t have any advice for him and I don’t believe for a second what I hear about it (laughs). He is having a good season, in his place in D1, is fit. He is a sportsman to the end of his feet: why would that change? We will see him again in Anderlecht next season. “

If he did not yet know the selection when speaking (Sambi Lokonga called, Verschaeren recalled), Vincent Kompany was asked about the case of other internationals. “I understand the importance of meetings for the players concerned. A former player until recently, I’m certainly not going to suddenly give some kind of negative opinion on this. For now, the safety of each player is paramount and this will be the priority. “

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