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Physiotherapy and Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention

Physiotherapy is an effective treatment for injuries but it also has a role to play in injury prevention. Physiotherapy can provide guidance on injury risk and how to avoid them through a variety of methods including exercise, training and stretching as well as sports specific warmups.

Physiotherapists can also provide advice on the importance of proper rest and recovery which will enhance performance as well as decrease the risk of injury. Additionally, physiotherapists can also assess the body for imbalances in the joints and muscles which can be a contributor to injury.

As a Physiotherapists we are often asked by clients to help with their cycling injuries and can offer some guidance on how best to prevent them. Whether you are a beginner cyclist or an avid cyclist our team of Physiotherapists can assess and treat any issues you may have.

We will ask you questions about your problem and how it is affecting your life and health, perform a full musculoskeletal assessment and treatment to manage and improve the problem. This will include manual therapy such as manipulation/mobilisation, soft tissue massage and electrotherapy (ultrasound, interferential etc) and rehabilitation exercises to help you recover.

The best way to prevent injuries is through a thorough training program. Using the principles of periodization and cross-training, our expert physiotherapists can create an appropriate training program to maximize athletic performance while decreasing the risk of injury. This includes dynamic stretches, core stability exercises, eccentric quad/hamstring strengthening, proprioceptive training and plyometrics. We can also screen your current movement patterns, for example assessing your tennis serve or your desk set up to make sure you are moving with the most optimal technique.

Physiotherapy and Injury Prevention

Physiotherapy can be beneficial for everyone from the amateur athlete to the professional sportsperson, but sometimes it is difficult or impossible to get to the clinic due to work commitments, family responsibilities or being housebound. Fortunately, Physiotherapy East Sheen offers a mobile physiotherapy service called Physit, designed to bring the benefits of Physiotherapy East Sheen to those who need it most. Whether you are a competitive athlete or someone who needs to be mobile to carry out their job our experienced Physiotherapists can tailor a Physiotherapy treatment plan to suit your specific needs. Contact us today for more information. We look forward to helping you. What are the most common injuries at work?

Physiotherapy, often associated with rehabilitation after injury or surgery, plays a crucial role in not just recovery, but also in preventing injuries before they occur. With its focus on movement, function, and overall physical health, physiotherapy offers valuable insights and strategies for individuals looking to reduce their risk of injury and enhance their performance in various activities, whether sports, work-related tasks, or everyday movements.

One of the key principles underlying physiotherapy’s contribution to injury prevention is the understanding of biomechanics and movement patterns. Physiotherapists are trained to assess how the body moves and functions, identifying potential areas of weakness, imbalance, or dysfunction that could predispose individuals to injury. By conducting thorough assessments and biomechanical analyses, physiotherapists can pinpoint modifiable risk factors and develop targeted interventions to address them.

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