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How does the Fulton Electric Steam Boiler operate

Fulton Electric Steam Boiler operate

The Fulton Electric Steam Boiler operates utilizing the principle of heat transfer through water. The heating elements are entirely immersed in water and are designed to provide high quality saturated steam at a rate of nearly 100% efficiency. It is a clean-running, combustion-free boiler with a design pressure of 100 PSI and ASME-M certification.

Fulton’s comprehensive line of fully packaged Fulton Electric Steam Boiler, ranging in size from 12 kW to 1,000 kW (1.2 to 200 BHP), is engineered and constructed to meet the exact specifications of your application. Each unit is fully insulated to minimize radiation losses and features highly efficient performance.

Fulton provides complete turnkey systems that can save a substantial amount of time on the job site by providing pre-piped steam, air and water piping as well as a gas train. This eliminates the need to install additional equipment, saving both labor and costs. Additionally, each unit is fully assembled and commissioned before leaving the factory.

How does the Fulton Electric Steam Boiler operate

Fulton offers a variety of water tube steam, low and high pressure hot water, or combination boilers in standard designs up to 800BHP with sizes up to 1600BHP available on special request. Each boiler is factory packaged with an integrated boiler, burner, and control package configured to your specific application.

Each Fulton electric steam boiler is designed to be easily serviced and maintained. The boiler is fully insulated with stainless steel covers and a large front access door for easy inspection of all major pressure vessel welds. All boilers have a low water cut off, gas valve shutoff and high temperature and water pressure safety interlocks. A built-in flame failure detector continuously monitors the burner and works with the boiler control panel to ensure system safety.

The Fulton FB-L and FB-W electric steam or hot water boilers have intelligent designs that maximize boiler pressure vessel integrity, increase life expectancy and allow for maximum energy savings. This is accomplished by using materials such as stainless steel that do not melt or anneal at the higher operating temperatures, and Incoloy elements for improved resistance to stress corrosion.

In the realm of industrial innovation, few advancements have been as transformative as the introduction of the Fulton Electric Steam Boiler. Revolutionizing the way businesses operate, this marvel of engineering has redefined efficiency, reliability, and sustainability in the domain of steam generation. With its cutting-edge technology and unparalleled performance, the Fulton Electric Steam Boiler stands as a beacon of progress in the industrial landscape.

All FB-L and FB-W boilers use low watt density, high efficiency heating elements that are mounted near the bottom of the boiler. This allows for quick removal and replacement of the heating element if required. The elements are also constructed from a stronger material than copper to withstand the operating temperatures and stresses of the boiler. Fulton’s smart designs, combined with industry leading warranties, help make Fulton’s products the longest lasting and most reliable boilers on the market.

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