Teeth whitening, how much is too much?

Teeth whitening is in high demand in the United States these days. A huge population of teenagers, young people and even adults are clients of dentists to whiten their teeth. Zoom! Whitening, dental veneers, porcelain veneers have now become household names.

However, behind these “white stars like the smile” hides something very important that you should know. Today, people take their teeth too seriously. It is not a bad thing, but you must know where to stop.

Improving confidence or wanting to make a better impression are some of the reasons people use teeth whitening products. Too much bleach to get shiny pearly teeth can cost you a fortune if you take it too far.

Some of the common problems people face due to excessive whitening are sensitivity to cold air, mouth pain, loss of nutrients from teeth, making them more prone to chipping. It has been noted among many tooth whiteners that, in a race to get white teeth, they ignore basic instructions and go overboard with whitening.

Here is a list of side effects of too much teeth whitening:

  • Loss of nutrients your teeth need to be strong.
  • Chemical burns from excessive bleaching.
  • Chipped teeth due to loss of useful minerals.
  • Sensitivity even to cold air (imagine how you are going to eat ice cream?)
  • Increase the risk of oral cancer if incessant whitening is used.

One main thing that most people overlook is the guidance provided by their dentist. People are so desperate for white teeth that they get white even after going to the dentist for treatment. A whitening session with a dentist is good for at least a year. However, what is surprising is the practice of people whitening their teeth even before the effect of the whitening session wears off.

Consult your dentist for a professional teeth whitening option that is right for you. He or she will have several teeth whitening products and methods to choose from. Most importantly, don’t be tempted to overdo it. Follow your dentist’s advice on the proper treatment of your teeth after your teeth whitening session.

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