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Ces objets du quotidien qui nous excitent : le pommeau de douche fait fantasmer 29% des hommes et 36% des femmes

These everyday objects that excite us: the shower head makes 29% of men and 36% of women fantasize

Washing machines, voice assistants, shower heads, cars: fantasies creep into our daily lives.

Of course you can make love in bed… And these last few months between four walls, it was a perfect activity to meet and pass the time. But on the sex side, we can also fantasize and play. This is what the international survey conducted by We-Vibe among 9,000 people around the world highlights.

to learn more about their daily life at home and their (erotic) experiences with household appliances and new technologies.

Thus, we learn that the washing machine and especially its spin cycle is considered as a place of love scene quite valid for 13% of the French, against 22% of the Germans and 23% of the Austrians! But with 33% of the votes, the device that comes out on top is none other than the famous shower head which excites men (29%) and women (36%) almost as much. He also comes first among the Spaniards with 39% of the vote.

You will never listen to your voice assistant like before … According to the study conducted by We-Vibe, the voices of Alexa and the Google assistant would be the ones that would excite the most: 27% of men admit to fantasizing about the Alexa voice and 23% of women on Google Assistant voice. Siri is in second place with 13% of the vote (12% of men and 14% of women), against 33% in South Korea where the voice assistant comes first!

Making love in a stationary car is considered a classic, but if we go further, having sex in a moving car without a driver would make more than one fantasize! When We-Vibe asked the French how they would spend the majority of their time in their vehicle if it was autonomous, 37% of men answered “making love”, compared to 22% of women.

Finally, 29% of French people would use smart sex toys in their intimate life and 39% say they are ready to buy them to add spice to their married life. Moreover, when We-Vibe asks us to think about what sex could hold in store for us in the future, 35% of women and 27% of men think of sex toys that are even smarter and more connected.

* The study was conducted by Atomik Research in March 2020 among 9,000 people in Australia, Austria, France, Germany, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States

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