Clervaux, a little Switzerland a stone's throw from the border awaiting Belgians: "You are welcome in Luxembourg!"

Clervaux, a little Switzerland a stone’s throw from the border awaiting Belgians: “You are welcome in Luxembourg!”

The city offers a total change of scenery and awaits the Belgians this summer.

Our summer holidays are more dotted than ever. A major Belgian tour operator has just canceled a quarter of its flights during the months of July and August. More than 100,000 Belgians are left with their beaks in the water and have to consider another destination. If the Belgian coast and the Ardennes will undoubtedly fill up, it is sometimes enough to cross the border to be totally disoriented.

Luxembourg, this sentimentally and geographically close country, may not have the art of highlighting its strengths. An inopportune discretion at a time when local vacations will once again become fashionable.

We therefore took a leap of faith (less than two hours by car from Brussels) to (re) discover Clervaux. The first impression is often the right one. First. As soon as you cross the border from Bastogne, the roads suddenly turn into a billiard table. No more potholes or deformed asphalt. Ideal for the practice of the ride in the car but also and especially by bicycle, a sport which finds here ideal playgrounds. We will come back to this because the “cycling” offer is one of these very popular summer spots. Second. When you follow the road that goes down through the woods towards Clervaux, you understand better why we call this corner l a little Switzerland. So close to Belgium (Bastogne is less than half an hour away) and the impression of being somewhere else …

Benno Veggers, originally from Limburg, settled in Luxembourg a long time ago. At the head of four hotel-restaurants in the city (Le Clervaux 5 stars, L’International 4 stars, Le Koener 3 stars and Golf and Country 4 stars), he has one goal: to bring this city to life this summer. heart.


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