The lives of couples impacted by the crisis: men’s sexual dissatisfaction is approaching the clinical threshold!

A study on intimate life traces a difficult year for couples at this level.

This winter, the couples were able to question their sexuality and their intimacy by answering a questionnaire launched by three doctors in Belgian psychology, Marie Géonet (HE Vinci-UCLouvain); Alexandra Hubin (UCLouvain) and Sarah Galdiolo (Umons). The goal of the three researchers: to be able to carry out a sort of mapping of the sexuality of couples in Belgium in anxiety-provoking and disturbed conditions as we know them.

This is a first in our country. Few surveys first focus on the intimate relationship of a couple, even if of course, this one participates in a whole with conjugality and parenthood, if applicable.

Marie Géonet entrusted us with the pre-analysis of what will become a useful scientific publication …

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